Heartening the wave of good sweeping the earth, using technology, and Millennial interest to share worldwide.




The HASTEN app is a "call to arms" for all Church members to take full advantage of social media never before available in order to spread the Gospel to the world.




EMPOWER your freedom from addiction!  Empower – Slave to None is a journey app driven with the purpose to change destructive behaviors, promote good, to help inspire hope to addicts, and to restore the person you once were, but somehow lost along the way. 


Our Partners


Thousands of returned missionaries' experiences from countries around the world.  Become familiar with their customs, food, travel tips and much more.


A massive online directory of user generated content to help teach the principles of the gospel to the Saints and enhance missionary work.

mormon explorer

A community of lds members connecting through travel.  If you find yourself in a new country, why not have a local member help you around.


Sandra Hadley
Executive Director, Founder

Scott Paul
Development, Co-Founder


Michael Savoie
Director of Technology


Board Member & Associates

Michael J. Savoie Ph. Technology Entrepreneur

Tom Nelson
Legal Counsel

Steve Jones
Technology Executive

Ned Warner

Taylor Halverson Ph. D.
Social Entrepreneur

Thelma Soares
Advocacy Director

Carl Warren
Business Development

Ross Wille
Technical Consultant