We sponsor technologies that align with the mission of the LDS Church.  Our goal is to engage the future generations' innate curiosity with smart, stimulating and uplifting content. 




The HASTEN app is a "call to arms" for all Church members to take full advantage of social media never before available in order to spread the Gospel to the world.


Our Partners


A non-profit foundation that funds scholarships for the Cougarettes, BYU's national winning dance team who are great missionary ambassadors for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

lds missions

The Wikipedia of Missions, here you'll find all the current and historical information about the Missions around the world and connect to people who served in them.


Thousands of returned missionaries' experiences from countries around the world.  Become familiar with their customs, food, travel tips and much more.



A massive online directory of user generated content to help teach the principles of the gospel to the Saints and enhance missionary work.

mormon explorer

A community of lds members connecting through travel.  If you find yourself in a new country, why not have a local member help you around.

ask a mormon

Be a member missionary with your mobile phone.  A mobile chat app that allows members to answer questions the public has about LDS beliefs.